The roots of Cork Essentials

My name is Mafalda.
I am a child from Nature.
The woods were my playground,
the plants and trees my teachers.
There was a cork forest near my childhood home in Portugal.
The trees had red bare trunks,
they were stripped of their bark but it just grew back.

Many, many times again, as if it was nothing.
I found that fascinating.
I always experimented with Mother Nature.
All the seeds that I found
I would put in the ground and then wait
patiently wait for the
first green shoots to emerge.


When I was 10 years old, I moved to Belgium
and it turned my life upside down.
It was too dangerous on the street, the park was too far.
I spent more time indoors than I would have liked.
And then you gradually forget that you once lived a completely different life, with one foot in nature.
Then I got swept up in the busy work life until I was forced to take a time out.
I adopted a dog as lost as me. Together we went into the forest,
looking for peace, space and answers.
I felt free again, and realized all those years I had missed the contact with nature.
It brought me back to my roots and those of the cork oak.


Trees extract CO2 from the air to grow.
A cork oak that is stripped absorbs 5 times more CO2.

And he gives us a multitude of sustainable raw materials.
The perfect, renewable cycle of life.
Nature is abundant and resilient, but it is left to mankind to preserve.
With Cork Essentials I support the cork craft and therefore also the cork forests.
It is my contribution to protect our planet and our own future.