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About our products

All our products are made from the highest quality cork.
Cork is a wonderful material. It is renewable, sustainable, flexible, fire resistant and biodegradable at the end of the journey.
How circular can you go?
By choosing our products, you help build a better world.
Small steps that together make a big difference.


Our accessories come straight from the cork workshop in Portugal, which combines quality with modern designs and a high-quality finish.
They are therefore a fully-fledged alternative to animal leather.
Sustainability and style can go hand in hand.
That's what Cork Essentials is all about.

The studio where the magic happens

From his studio, Gaspar Magarreiro looks out over the cork forest of Alentejo. His passion for fashion accessories stems from his childhood.
He spent most of his summer vacations in the leather factory of his grandparents,
that later belonged to his uncle.
As a 17-year-old he already experimented with a sewing machine to make doll clothes for his sisters.


In 1991 the time had come, he founded his own leather shop.
But Gaspar saw the future in cork, so a workshop in cork accessories followed in 2007.
Meanwhile, 21 people work there.
Just like his family used to be, quality and workmanship is the key to success for him.
Gaspar therefore invests in sustainable relationships with his employees.
They are paid fairly and are continuously trained.

Oldest cork oak

Greet the mighty Whistler Tree,
the oldest and most productive
cork tree in the world.

If you take a seat under its mighty crown, you will hear the wind and birds whistling softly among the foliage, hence the name.
In 1783, it was planted in
Águas de Moura, district of Setúbal.

Now he rises 16 meters above the ground and has twenty harvests on the counter.
Once, a single harvest yielded 1200 kg of cork, more than most
trees produce in
 a lifetime.

Oldest oak tree in the world

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